Erica (buttons5) wrote in pinch_his_cheek,

♥other than mommie i go by: erica
♥mommies age:19
♥baby boy[s] age[s] or due date: 7 1/2 months he'll be 8 months next week
♥baby boy[s] name[s]:martin but mommy and daddy call him marty
♥the most important thing of motherhood, to me, is:love
♥my birth was like, or, i want my birth to be like:very smooth
♥10 words describing me as a mother:fun,loving,goofy,serious,determined,blessed,umm....i can't think of anymore
♥10 words describing me as a woman:shy,goofy,scarastic,powerful,easy-going,open-minded,passionate...ummmm
♥favorite music/movies/interest:i like a lot of ska and oldies. i have a ton of favorite movies but my all time fave is mallrats and my hobbies are photography, my son, movies, music, food, candy hahha
♥one thing i want everyone to know about me:i crazy about my little boy
♥a picture of me and my baby boy[s]:i'm at school but i'll post some pics when i get home but that's my son in my icon and i have some in my livejournal
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