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♥other than mommie i go by: Ashley. Ashes. Ash... whatever lol!
♥location: Melbourne Florida
♥mommies age: 19
♥baby boy[s] age[s] or due date: 9.20.2004
♥baby boy[s] name[s]: Jayden
♥the most important thing of motherhood, to me, is: Knowing that I created such a beautiful baby! I love being a mommy!!
♥my birth was like, or, i want my birth to be like: I never posted a birth story or else i would cut it. But. It went well . i think. 15 hours of labor 25 minutes of pushing
♥10 words describing me as a mother: Loving, worry wart, kind, loyal, friend, Mom, young, i need 3 more! lol
♥10 words describing me as a woman: Same
♥favorite music/movies/interest: i like all music anything from r&b to country. Movies-i <3 angelina jolie.drew barrymore.adam sandler.kevin james
♥one thing i want everyone to know about me: Umm.. lol.. Not really. My info explains alot maybe?
♥a picture of me and my baby boy[s]:

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